Press - Lisa Smirnova

"...The cornerstone of last night’s program, however, was Friedrich Gulda’s Concerto for Myself. This concerto is a delightfully capricious mashup of Gulda’s lifelong musical influences and interests, leaving much of the interpretation to the soloist, and the result is charming, eclectic and truly personal.
Guest piano soloist Lisa Smirnova was ebullient and communicative, clearly seeing beyond the technicality and even the artistry of the piece, tapping directly into the soul of the composer. In the second movement, heavy with drama, her commanding style nearly overwhelmed the other musicians’. Ironically, the orchestra was at its best when it was the most subtle, an almost inaudible underpinning to Smirnova’s improvisation.
Smirnova received multiple standing ovations from an audience that is often relatively stoic..."

The Columbus Dispatch, October 12th, 2014